Wednesday, November 25, 2009

An Egyptian Eternal Love Call

My color is the color of her land.
My hair is the color of her desert sand.
My eyes are the color of her Nile.
My voice is the sacred hymns of her temples.
My feelings are the warmth of her sun.
My smile is the hospitality of her people.
My blood is hers, the Royal blue eternal Nile,
Running and pumping life in her veins,
My air is the tunes of ancient serenades.
My logic is that of her 7 thousand year civilization.
My spirit is her magic, charm, legends, history and present.
My Body is her skies, land and seas combined.
My heartbeats are her deeply rooted love in my soul,
And this is the color of love.
Always Egypt by definition And never Egypt by tradition.
That is the color of me.
I am Egypt and Egypt is me,As simple as a color could be.
She has my colors And I have hers.

1 comment:

haidi said...

جميلة جداً وحقيقية جداً جداً...وكل حرف فيها حي وبينبض بحب مصر أجمل الأوطان..