Monday, April 20, 2009

Obama boycotts racism summit

اوباما يقاطع قمة مناهضة العنصرية
Obama reddediyor ırkçılık zirvesine katılmak üzere
Obama boicotes racismo cimeira
Obama boicoteos racismo cumbre
Obama refuse d'assister au sommet du racisme
Obama boicottaggi razzismo vertice
Obama Boykott Rassismus-Gipfel


Mr Lee said...

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Emilio said...

Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

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haidi said...

United States and other European Countires boycotting the conference deliberately, and negotiated to the very end, and succeeded in taking the final outcome dawn to keep it weaken, they deceived the Arab, Islamic And third World Governements, and prevented any condemnation of Israel's racist practices then withdrew.
I just want to tell the United States, "Israel" & West countries that it is true that the Arabs & muslims loose this round but you are not winners....
Cause finally the racism conference did not succeeded cause it devoted the racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia...And for Arab countries you are deserving to be loosers, you are not exert any effort, did not support the conference, did not make any preparatory I m really can not understand what are you happy for.....? which progress you are talking about........